Guitar learning

In the old days you had to travel around the world to Gypsy Jazz Festivals to get a chance to see the great masters play. Today it’s all on youtube, one click away. Youtube is a great platform for guitar players, but the best way to learn Djangos style is still to participate in as many Gypsy Jazz-jam sessions as possible. Here you can find inspiration and get the music under your skin. If you don’t get inspired by seeing great musicians play in real life you may soon loose interest in this difficult guitar style – because it takes a long time to become a good player. You can find Gypsy Jazz-jam sessions in most of the big city’s all over the world or at the the local Gypsy Jazz Festivals.

If you want to do some homework first, here is some different things you can start with:

1. Go to Robins Gypsyjazzsecrets. Robin are dedicated to the Gypsyjazz style and to “The gypsyjazz school.” Today you can direct slow the video speed down to 25%, without losing the key (in YouTube). Try that if it is going too fast.

2. Find the “Django Fakebook” as PDF ( on internet) and download it. Learn the basic melodies of the 200 tunes (Django’ melodies special). Sing the melodywhen you are rehearsing the cords, so you never gets lost when you are practicing or playing.

3. Learn first a good stable Gypsy Rhythms (swing, waltz, bossa, bolero ) and with a metronome if needed.

4. When you’re ready for the solo and melody part, then start learning the Gypsy Jazz picking style ( the Downstroke technique – see video Then find your favourite Django tunes and learn them. Then you learned the best licks.

5. Now you are ready for practicing the solo licks and the speed training. Remember to start slowly and increase speed with every tone 100% clear. See Jakob at GypsyAndJazz how to increase your practicing.

Have fun and see you to our concerts, all the best