Rêve Bohème – Gypsy Jazz in the spirit of Django Reinhardt.

Welcome to our homepage! Here you will find everything you need to know about our music, album releases, press-info, booking contact and information on Django Reinhardt and how to play Gypsy Jazz.


November 9th we are releasing our sixth album on the Norwegian Gypsy Jazz label Hot Club Records. As the album title refers to, we have picked SIX lesser-known swing compositions from our hero Django and matched them with SIX bebop standards that Django loved to play! You can join us at the ”ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT” nov. 9th at Bartof Station. There’s free admission – read more about it here. 

Watch our short video teaser on live concerts and presentation of the band – and remember to follow us at the social media.


Rêve Bohème – Denmarks finest exponent of modern Gypsy Jazz

The inspiration from the guitarplayer Django Reinhardt is the key to Rêve Bohème’s music and characteristic acoustic sound. The band have through the years updated the European String Swing with a modern repertoire of gypsy jazz standards, their own compositions and songs from the American jazz singer tradition. Reve Bohème has released 5 albums since 2002 and have their 6th album ready in autumn 2018 consisting of some of Django’s more rare compositions and several bebop-standards. It will be released by Hot Club Records – the label for Gypsy Jazz.



The line-up consists of:
Jens Fuglsang (vocal & leadguitar)
Finn Poulsen (harmonica & vocal)
Robert Pilgaard (rhythmguitar)
Jesper Riis (bass)