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Here you can read and download press material, find promotional pictures, posters and our stageplan for live concerts. You can also find our collection of reviews of concerts and album releases.

Pressetekst / Press info

In Danish:

Dansk pressetekst 2021 live koncert

Dansk pressetekst 2019 album release

In English:

English press info 2021 live concerts

English press info 2019 album release

Pressebilleder / Press photo download

Pressebillede press photo Reve Boheme 2021  2 MB

(Pressphoto by Nicolai Perjesi)

Stageplan / Technical Rider download

Technical Rider Quartet

Technical Rider Trio

Plakater/ Posters

ReveBoheme Django Goes North_A3

Rêve Bohème Vocal Gypsy Jazz Poster A2

Anmeldelser/ Reviews

Danske anmeldelser

English reviews

“Since 1998 the group has achieved a position as one of Europe’s leading bands in the genre…” Review from Jazz Special Magazine, Jens Lohman  nr. 165, 2019