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Here you can read and download press material, find our promotional press photos, posters and our stageplan/technical rider for live concerts. You can also read our collection of Danish and English reviews of concerts and album releases.

“Since 1998 the group has achieved a position as one of Europe’s leading bands in the genre…” Review from Jazz Special Magazine, Jens Lohman, # 165, 2019 

”The sound was terrific. It got that swing! Later, we took home Rêve Bohéme’s latest album, Six & Six. That is super enjoyable….The result is super alert gypsy jazz and the album can be played over and over”  Review from Jersey Jazz Magazine, Fradley Garner, June 2020

Pressetekst / Press info download


Dansk pressetekst 2024 live koncert


English press info 2024 live concerts

Pressebilleder / Press photo download

Pressebillede 1 Band Setup Press Photo Reve Boheme 2.1 MB

(Pressphoto nr 1 by Nicolai Perjesi)

Pressebillede 2 Graphic Setup Press Photo Reve Boheme 2.3 MB

(Photos in nr 2 by Anette Tinghus, Artwork by Per Toftager)

Stageplan / Technical Rider download

Technical Rider Quartet

Technical Rider Trio

Plakater/ Posters download

ReveBoheme Django Goes North_A3

Rêve Bohème Vocal Gypsy Jazz Poster A2

Anmeldelser/ Reviews

Danske anmeldelser af albums og koncerter

International reviews of albums and concerts

Pressetekst album release 2019

Dansk pressetekst 2019 album release 

English press info 2019 album release